Billing FAQ

Billing FAQ

Who should I contact with billing questions?
Please email Manda Ludwig, District Operations Manager, at

How can I pay my invoice? 
You can pay your invoice directly online by clicking on the link through the invoice. You can also drop off a check at the front office. 

What is my invoice for?
The details should be listed in the invoice with additional notes in the memo field to help you identify what the invoice is for. If there are questions about why you are receiving the invoice, please email

How often will I be billed?
The frequency you are billed will depend on what the invoice is for. We are billing tuition and wrap around care in advance. This means that you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for the upcoming month. The only exceptions to this are if you chose a different payment schedule (i.e. semester or annually) and for drop in wrap around care needs. 

Why am I receiving more than one invoice?
Tuition and wrap-around care are billed separately. In addition, “drop in” wrap-around care that may not have been on your requested schedule will be billed at a different time. 

What are the fees for wrap-around care?
Our wrap-around care rates are listed in the Wrap-Around Care FAQ on our website under the community section. 

What is my tuition cost?
Your tuition cost is for your infant, toddler or primary student and is based on the number of days and length of the day that you chose for the year. You can find our rate table on our website under the tuition section. 

Will my tuition invoice be adjusted for absences from school?
Your invoice will remain the same each month regardless of how many days your child attends. We have acquired staff and reserved your child’s spot based on your tuition agreement. 

Will my wrap-around care invoice be adjusted for absences from school?
Care that is reserved and not used will still be billed since we need to staff those hours even if you don’t use the hours you intended.