Virtual Program

Montessori, online.

The AMS Virtual Program is enriching and engaging for all students no matter where they are in the country. We are proud to serve students in 2 states this year! 


Adeline Montessori is trying to gauge interest in hosting virtual options for the 21-22 School year. The virtual program would be independent of the in-person programming with a dedicated guide for virtual students at the primary and lower elementary levels. If choosing the virtual program, this would be a full-year commitment. We will offer virtual programming if 10 students or more show interest/ commit. 


Virtual attendance is available for the Elementary program (1st – 6th grade) and Middle School program (7th & 8th grades) for the 2020/2021 academic year.

  • Our online students and in-person students are all one community at AMS.
  • Online students are consistently engaged with the teachers and their fellow classmates.
  • Lessons are given to all students simultaneously (within their lesson level) allowing for active participation and peer interaction online and in-person.
  • With the live lessons, students are able to ask questions to the teacher and work with other students in pairs or groups.
  • The online tools we use at AMS allows for the interaction of the students to have an organic feel as though they were sitting together in the classroom. 
  • Students work in multi-age groups honoring the Montessori method that children learn not only from their teachers but their peers.
  • The school day schedule for online students is the same as in-person students. 
  • Teachers take the time to get to know their students who participate online just as those in the physical classroom fostering a strong sense of community. 

If you are looking for a holistic approach to Montessori education online, contact us at or (262) 201-4492.  

Current students: Details for your classroom are available on the Community portal

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